Leisure-insure Ltd no longer has any facilities to place new business or offer renewal terms for existing policies following the withdrawal of our underwriting facility by Insurers, and will cease to trade on 30th April 2021. As a result  all our team have taken redundancy and we no longer have any underwriters authorised by Insurers to action any mid term adjustment requests. This does not affect your right to cancel the policy.

In the meantime we are operating with one administrator working from home. We cannot divulge a personal mobile or home telephone number and are unable to deal with telephone enquiries.

Existing policies are guaranteed by your Insurer (please see your policy booklet / schedule for details) until their natural expiry date. Leisureinsure is NOT your insurer.

All direct clients have been notified by email of the expiry date of their policy and advised that we cannot offer renewal terms. 

All Brokers have been provided by email with a list of all policies through their agency and advised that renewal terms cannot be offered.

Claims information 

Leisureinsure does not have any claims handling or settlement authority and we do not hold any settlement statistics. We would therefore ask you to please take note of the following instructions:      

New UK Claims should be notified to Leisureinsure for onward transmission to insurers until 30th April 2021, clearly stating the Policy Number. After that date you need to notify direct to the Insurer.You MUST provide a copy of the relevant schedule.

New Claims (RoI only) Please notify direct to the insurer. You MUST provide a copy of the relevant schedule

Existing claims – your insurer already has your contact details and will be dealing direct with you or the claimant.

Confirmed Claims Experience. If your policy has expired and you require CCE please contact your insurer direct. You MUST provide a copy of your policy schedule for each period that you require CCE.

Insurer claims contact details are as follows for Sportscover, Catlin, XLCatlin & AXA policies:

Policies incepted prior to 2016 – andrew.ancram@sportscover.com

Policies incepted 2016 onwards – james.good@axaxl.com

Other Insurers as per your policy booklet.


If the above does not answer your queries please contact us by email: admin@leisureinsure.co.uk

I sincerely apologize to all our customers and brokers for any inconvenience caused, but I ask you to appreciate that this situation has been caused by circumstances completely outside our control. Leisureinsure has been in existence since 1996 and I am very grateful to all our loyal customers and brokers for the support that you have given the Firm during its existence.

Paul Hudson


Leisure-insure Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority # 831204

Registered Office: 139 Abingdon Road, Standlake, OX29 7QN

Registered in England & Wales # 6392891